Zombie-bite-sized Resident Evil

Writing for GamesRadar, Anthony John Agnello argues that smaller, more replayable Resident Evil releases are better for the heart and soul.

“The benefits of a smaller, replayable game are about more than cost, though. The sprawling monotony and constant string of explosions in Resident Evil 6 – I lost count of how many helicopters blew up in the game after the seventh came crashing down – over 40 hours leave the game as mushy and indistinct as its melting, defeated enemies. Stand it up next to compact spaces like Resident Evil HD’s Spencer Mansion, Resident Evil 2’s RCPD, or the Baker farm in RE7 and it can’t compete. Those small spaces are rife with detail. Each room is memorable, and they stick more and more in your mind after each subsequent playthrough.”

Of course. not every game should be short and punchy: Agnello instead advocates for games to cut unnecessary bloat, to consider replayability, and in general, just not become Resident Evil 6.

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