Waypoint’s MLB The Show 18 essay is beautiful escapism

“It’s alluring to escape into that world. To be transported to a place where you can completely invest yourself but still be safe, where there aren’t really consequences outside of a passing feeling of triumph or the bittersweet feeling of loss.”

Two dozen paragraphs into this essay that ‘graf is dropped. It feels like a casual aside at first, but, with time, it becomes the heart of a larger discussion where games are central to escapism.

To say this serves as the central point may be controversial: much of essay is mere storytelling, if storytelling can be described such a way. The connection to current events–a reality some of us need to escape–isn’t in any way lost. But then again, this is just simulated baseball, described as such.

There’s a beautiful escapism to this piece: it bumps up against this scary world, it confronts the idea of being just one thing or another, and represents the best of both sports and games writing.

Read it.

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