Twitter Question of the Week: Insanity & Other Words

Last week we asked folks about a GAMES CRITICISM STARTER KIT. What games would you include in such a list?

Super Mario Bros. Shadow of the Colossus. Bioshock Infinite. Half Life 2. Just a handful of the games that were discussed.

Folks also included longer responses on their blog: Taylor Hidalgo wrote this detailing the numerous games he’d consider, while Nick Cesarano wrote a couple of pieces about games criticism development and how we should focus more on good criticism than on the right games.

This week’s question:

In light of The Sims renaming its Insanity trait to Erratic, what potentially hurtful words still seep into our games and our discussions around games? Are there alternatives? Are there ever cases where “insanity” et al is appropriate?

Sound off!

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