Take This Needs Your Help to Keep the AFK Room Running

Take This calls its AFK Room–a place where you can dodge the convention flow for a bit, find your zen, and have access to mental health supports–“life saving”.

It is.

As a convention goer that’s gone both as media and as an individual, the AFK room is an absolutely essential part of my convention experience. Whether it’s PAX or MomoCon (or any of the seemingly ever expanding cons Take This visits), the AFK room really does save lives. For me, knowing it will be at a given convention is a requisite to purchase. The very first convention I ever attended–PAX Prime in Seattle, before this was a thing–ended in a panic attack part way through the first day. Balled up in my hotel room, I stayed reclusive for the remainder of the show, curtains drawn, barely eating. Assignments weren’t submitted. It was an awful experience.

I don’t panic at every con I attend: Knowing the AFK room is there, however, gives me strength enough to go. It’s mellow. A well timed visit can avert any butterflies, any anxiety, any anguish.

Please consider donating.


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