Story in Blackwood Crossing

Since the Videogames Twittersphere today was engaged in a discussion about how much technical detail is too much in videogames writing, it’s appropriate to highlight a small piece by Ian Gibson published on A Narrative Analysis of PaperSeven’s Blackwood Crossing. Dispensing with the commentary of how a videogame is constructed, Gibson instead talks about what that construction does, placing the player in the role of a teenage girl named Scarlett on a train journey that quickly becomes a trip down a Carroll-inian rabbit hole.

I certainly don’t want to diminish the importance of a discussion like what was sparked by Jason Schreier’s Kotaku piece about Horizon Zero Dawn’s graphical tricks and the subsequent Polygon article by Ben Kuchera commenting on some of the reactions to it, but this is only one part of the complete picture of a videogame. Gibson, by looking at how Blackwood Crossing functions as a story instead of how its medium delivers one, preemptively and unintentionally offered a response to this morning’s events.

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