Smash 4’s Competitive Scene Is Hype Because Nintendo Leaves It Alone

Writing for Kotaku, Cecilia D’Anastasio argues that the success of the Super Smash Bros. competitive scene–and perhaps Smash 4 specifically–is because Nintendo takes a laissez-faire approach to it.

“Unlike publishers like Blizzard and Riot, Smash’s developers or publishers do very little to cultivate or promote competitive scene. In fact, it’d be a mistake to ascribe any ownership to them. The culture belongs to the players, one-hundred percent, and that’s what what makes it fertile for grassroots events like Civil War.”

The approach is different from even Nintendo’s own games: Pokemon and Splatoon each receive heavy promotion from Nintendo and with it comes a heavy influx of cash. However, storylines such as Civil War (pitting Ally vs ZeRo, along with their own crews) would never emerge. And neither would the hilarious art found on the the respective hashtags of #TeamAlly or TeamZeRo.

Read: “Smash 4’s Competitive Scene is Hype Because Nintendo Leaves it Alone” on Kotaku

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