Shameless Self Promotion: Structure

Shameless Self Promotion

Writing for his own blog, Andrew Brown discusses how the thought of Minecraft‘s seemingly endless freedom has kept him away from the game. Naturally, there must be a better mousetrap, and he’s found it with Dragon Quest: Builders — instead of a vast desert to play in, this is more akin to a sandbox; there are walls, after all.

These opening moments establish a divergent sense of tone and priority before the videogame has even begun: Minecraft is about the needs of the player; Dragon Quest Builders is about the needs of a community. I don’t feel a need to build something for myself, so I am not drawn to Minecraft. I do feel a need to build something for a community, so I am drawn to Dragon Quest Builders. I do not mean to castigate or criticize those players who appreciate the spirit of Minecraft, merely highlight the spiritual differences between these two videogames.

Brown’s take is definitely an interesting one for those of us that struggle to wrap our heads around Minecraft‘s perpetual success. For Dragon Quest, there’s no shame in cloning, and maybe this is needed for those of us that want to build, just with more direction than IKEA furniture.

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