#PitchJam 6 submission window is now live!

It’s time to submit to #PitchJam.

From the time this post goes live (4:30 Pacific) you have 24 hours and ONLY 24 hours to submit a pitch to our expert panel to receive feedback.

Your pitch must be emailed to thepitchjam@gmail.com in the BODY OF AN EMAIL. Attachments, Google Docs, carrier pigeons, or any other format will not be accepted under any circumstances.

The pitch may be addressed either to “Editor” or “PitchJam”.

Submitted pitches and the information contained within are governed by our privacy policy and the rules of Canada.

Legal disclaimer:

#PitchJam is NOT a solicitation of work and receipt of feedback is NOT a commission or offer of work from the expert panelist.

As well, it’s worth being aware that our panel consists of some of the best and brightest in games media and they often work for the largest publications in the world. This may mean that shortly after the event you see an article somewhat like your pitch at the publication one of these experts works at. We promise: They didn’t steal it.

You retain all intellectual property rights to your pitch as submitted to the event.

You waive all rights to damages or other claims levied against GoodGamesWriting, its team, its expert panelists, and related agencies that (for some reason) may occur as a result of the event. In all the years of doing this, nothing has gone wrong enough to warrant this disclaimer but our legal folks say we still needed to include it.

We make no promises or guarantees about your potential ability to sell your pitch as a result of this event. No warranty or guarantees are implied.
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