People As Food

Writing for Bullet Points Monthly, Ed Smith, erm, sinks his teeth into Vampyr. While the intro is a bit difficult to parse, the going gets good quickly: Smith contends Dr. Reid’s victims are merely food, despite the attempts the game makes to turn feeding into a moral dilemma.

As Vampyr makes repeatedly, condescendingly, artificially clear, this is not a character who views other people straightforwardly as food. But I feel unable to see them in any other way. More than partially defined by their worth in resources, the decision to kill a character or not in Vampyr feels to me no more conflicting than attempting a difficult jump in The Legend of Zelda to obtain and open an optional treasure chest, or stealing a character’s bottle caps in Fallout on pain of “bad karma”.

In the end, Smith simply wants death to mean something–anything–in games such as these.

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