Non-Violent Game of the Day is your must follow social media account

I’ve never been pre-disposed to violence in games: my favourite genres are puzzles and sports games, largely because I’m tired of the bang-bang shoot ’em up genre that is so pervasive in our media. My dad made me watch Under Siege–a Steven Seagal movie where a naval cook (OR IS HE?) fends off a terrorist plot to take over a battleship’s nuclear arsenal–about a billion times in my childhood, forever tainting my view of violence in media.

Don’t get me wrong: There are games where violence is central I still enjoy. But I seek out other experiences increasingly, and I’m not alone.

Enter Non-Violent Game of the Day.

This blog (and Twitter/Instagram account) is chock full of non-violent game recommendations across numerous genres.

Not surprisingly, many of the games featured fit into the puzzle or sports category, but the list is varied, including point-and-clicks, card games, rhythm games, management sims, mods, jam games, and more.

I love how topical the blog remains: A recent entry was for Go Vacation, the Switch redux of a Wii game, out now. Despite that, the blog isn’t afraid of going back in time, either, to feature games from bygone eras you may have missed.

It’s a wonderful slice of the Internet you shouldn’t miss.

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