Making Games By The Good Book

Whether it’s worldbuilding, character motivation, or direct plot influence, religion is more common in videogames than some people might realize. We see it in shooters like Bioshock Infinite, RPGs like Dragon Age, and even in horror games, like the subject of today’s article, Outlast 2. I’m not a religious person myself, so I don’t tend to really think about whether depictions of faith are actually accurate or not.¬†Xalavier Nelson Jr., on the other hand, has spent the last three years looking at the relationships between videogames and the Bible (going so far as to name his personal blog after that very subject). In the latest piece on his blog, he uses the recently released Outlast 2 as a jumping-off point to discuss how games in general fail to accurately portray religion. It’s a very interesting take from a perspective that is surprisingly rare.

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