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I want to talk to you today about nostalgia. For some, it’s an escape. For others, it’s a business model. But whatever it is to you, it’s hard to deny its power. Some feelings of nostalgia can be so powerful that you you want to share them with the world. This is what happened with today’s feature, a wistful look back at the world of Sims 2 machinima.

Now, I am very far removed from the target audience. I’ve never played The Sims, I never really got into machinima, and I’m not particularly nostalgic for a lot of things. But I’ll be damned if this article didn’t pierce through all of that and make me feel what the writer felt. It’s not even particularly persuasive, but the quality of its writing made the love pour off the page. I may not have lived this experience but I really feel like I understand it now. And hopefully, you will too!

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