Let Me Read You The Words of My People

Some of the things I’ve covered are pretty specific or obscure. So when I say that the subject of this article is probably the most niche thing I’ve written about on this website.

So for those people who don’t know (presumably most of you), I am from, and live in, The Netherlands. I’ve been kind of dissatisfied with the games journalism scene in my home country for a while now. While most major news organisations have one or two game reviewers on their staff, the only dedicated major gaming outlet we had for a long time felt very much like, while meaning no disrespect to the people that worked there, a PR mouthpiece rather than a place for journalism.

Enter Laadscherm. Laadscherm (which is the Dutch word for loading screen) is a website built from the ground up around features, editorials, and interviews. Its unique approach of only releasing two articles per week means there’s far less pressure to stay up to date with all of the recent news and really be able to focus on people and their stories. This also means that a lot more time and effort goes into each individual article, including a brilliant piece of accessibility that I wish more places could do: audio recordings of all of their articles.

So whether it’s discussions about the beauty of kitschy games, a peek into Football Manager as an eSport, or a personal story about playing Overwatch with strangers for money, Laadscherm has you covered.

As long as you understand Dutch. That’s pretty important. It is all in Dutch. I probably should have made that clear.

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