Laura Fagan joins Curating Team

It’s been a long time since Team GGW added to its team but I’m happy to welcome Laura Fagan as our new Assistant Curator.

When we first started chatting with Laura, it became apparent to us that this was a person who would take representation seriously, aligning with our overall goal of changing the discourse and helping out the little guy or gal.

When asked to recommend a piece to us, Laura instantly jumped to Sam Greer’s recent GamesRadar+ piece on how queer representation isn’t what it needs to be but is improving.

From Laura:

“I think its a powerful piece and illustrates some well known and not so well known games. I think its a genuinely interesting read (and not just because its pride month!) with a lot of things going for it by opening up more conversations in a gentle but yet progressive way. ”

This is, frankly, the type of article I wouldn’t have stopped and read while on GamesRadar. When I’m there, I’m looking for lists, I’m looking for content that intersects geekdoms, and so on. Laura covers a blindspot and that makes our team stronger.

Laura is here to expand people’s horizons when it comes to games writing: accessibility, mental wellness, gender/sexuality, chronic pain/illness, and real world problems are all on the docket.

Her own background as a video games researcher with a basis in psychology informs how she will curate for us. And that’s a good thing.

Laura has a love of the medium.

“I’m the sort of person who always takes a lot of pride and meaning out of lifting other people up. There are people who have lots of interesting stories to tell about games and how they’ve impacted there lives. I want to help be a signal boost for those people. I’m someone who has had a very diverse portfolio in terms of skills and abilities. I hope to bring to GGW my experience around content development, management as well as promotion for GGW in order to help get the word out there a little more.”

Lofty goals, but goals she’ll be supported with by Hylke Langhout, our Curator, as well as myself.

Here’s a little bit more about Laura, coming directly from her:

“My research can be found on or on Amazon (A Study on Video Games and Language learning) and one of my newer ventures is diving into solutions for people with Chronic illness and pain by developing a customizable pain journal over at I write over at my own blog and a little bit for Big Boss Battle UK and you can find some of my technical stuff (games I’ve made and other digital projects) over at

In terms of charitable causes; one of my big things that I tweet about (@mslaurafagan on Twitter) is the charity AbleGamers which is a charity that focuses on enabling gamers with all sorts of difficulties to enjoy video games. I’m also a big mental health advocate so the likes of Samaritans and the Buddy Project are things I’m a true advocate for too.”’s current team:

  • Hylke Langhout – Curator
  • Laura Fagan – Assistant Curator
  • Aaron Hudspeth – Technical Director
  • Evan McIntosh – Editorial Director
  • Supported by GGW Network team Dylan Cole (Administrator and Policy Director), Ethan McLellan (Engagement Editor), Larissa Jones (Editor-At-Large), and contributors.

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