Good GFX: Nintendo Does What Sega Don’t

…Which is to spawn a bunch of cool fanart (sorry Sonic!). As the title implies, this edition of Good GFX will be heavily skewed towards Nintendo, but we’re not leaving everyone else out in the cold — the aforementioned Sonic makes an appearance too.

Christmas is coming up, and you know what that means — Christmas-themed fanart of EVERYTHING. Including this most excellent Jingle Bulbs T-shirt that I’m probably going to buy later.


Everyone’s been talking about Super Mario Odyssey, which is a wonderful refresh of classic Mario platformer titles, but there’s one thing that sadly hasn’t changed — Mario’s disgraceful treatment of dinosaurs.

We’re watching you, Mario.
Video credit: @kitosan

Speaking of new entries in beloved series, the Castlevania series recently got its own animated show on Netflix, and the intro animation is gorgeous. It was done by Spencer Wan, and well, just look at it. I could watch it forever.

While technically not art, the finished product is art that you create. Sort of. Wilton has created a Super Mario-themed gingerbread house castle kit, and it almost looks too good to eat. Almost.


It’s available at Wal-Mart for $30.

I said I’d include some non-Nintendo stuff, didn’t I? Despite some middling reviews, fans seem to have fully embraced the new Sonic Forces game, creating some incredible fan-art. Twitter user @chibiirose made the piece you see below, which I think is better than the game itself (sorry, not sorry).

Have you seen any other good bits of fanart recently? Tweet at us!

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