Good GFX: Much Ado About Gym (Leaders)

Gym leaders have been an integral part of the Pokemon universe since…well, the beginning! But rather than focus on pre-existing gym leaders, we’re going to highlight some incredible fan-made art of people’s gym leaders that they created! #gymleadersona

Paul Reinwand‘s gym looks incredibly nasty, with status-affecting Pokemon galore. Hope you like being frozen or put to sleep, buddy.

Kenron Toqueen, on the other hand, is going dark. Way, way dark — with a major emphasis on Dark-type Pokemon!

If you’ve got allergies (guilty…), you may want to stay far, far away from Fred Cassar‘s Grass-type gym. I’m getting itchy and sneezy just looking at this picture.

Haunted grass? Sure, why not. Grass/Ghost is the theme behind Bri‘s gym, and it makes me wonder if grass has a soul. I mean, technically it’s a living thing…

Jenn Padilla‘s gym makes me want to snuggle up and go to sleep with a teddy bear — except at her gym it would probably result in me being horribly mauled. Clever girl.

What would it be like to fight in a gym where you’re not quite sure what you’re fighting is real? Well, Gabriel Picolo invites us to find out, with a roster made entirely of shape-shifting Pokemon. Can we even be sure they’re not all just Dittos in disguise?!

Finally, we’ve got @MikeLuckas with a roster of big beefy bug bois to wreck your shop. Plus, he’s got a wicked outfit to match. Not bad!

So, which was your favorite — or do you have your own you’d like to show off? If you tweet at us (@OrbytlGGW), you might just be featured in next week’s column?

(Featured Image courtesy of Indiana J0nas.)

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