Good GFX: God of Labo

Long time no see, huh? Since we’ve been gone, a lot of stuff has happened in the gaming world, including some incredible fan art. This one’ll be a little God of War/Labo heavy, but that’s okay!

Everyone doodles on Post-Its and random bits of paper, but HazuraSinner on Twitter took it to the next level with this great God of War doodle. That’s talent!

Along with God of War, the Nintendo Labo came out recently as well. Almost the polar opposite of the violence of GoW, Labo is centered around creating and interacting with your Switch in new and fun ways — like maybe making a sword and shield out of it, like Lucina did here.

All credit to HaydenSmub

Martin Schneider is a renowned digital artist, known for his unique art style — and this concept art is no exception. It’s reminiscent of the cel-shading of Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, yet wholly unique to his style.

Oh hey, Earth Day was a few days ago, wasn’t it? Twitter favorite TitoMiiverse put his Amiibos to work to make a neat tribute to the holiday, and it came out great!

Finally, the box art for the Tribute Treasure Box, which contains both Flinthook and Mercenary Kings for the Switch. Hand-drawn and totally bad-ass, it’s going to be limited to 3000 copies, so get yours while you can!


That’s all I’ve got for this week, now get out of my house!

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