Good GFX: 2Final 2Fantasy

Okay, so that was bad. But this art from @Rhete is so good! They combined Final Fantasy with Fast & Furious, and…well, just look:

The Disney Afternoon Collection was announced recently, and some early screens have popped up. They’re delightfully retro! Credit to @frankcifaldi.

Spooky Squid and Christine Love have teamed up to create a cute little animation, which you can check out here! It looks to be part of a larger work, which ought to be incredible.

Ever wondered what Pokemon GO is like from the Pokemon’s perspective? BossTseng shows us, and it’s…creepy.


Meanwhile over on Youtube, aptly named user Neutral Horse has created an animated take on IGN’s podcast, Nintendo Voice Chat.

Remember No Man’s Sky? @Wilnyl does (and is ostensibly still playing it), and caught some…strange behavior from a couple of mammoths. I don’t think that’s supposed to happen.

Persona 5 is HUGE right now, but admittedly I haven’t played it. The art from it looks fantastic though, as do these incredible pieces from Tumblr user Zelos-wilders.

Finally, we have some art from TheOmegaNerd, showing what we loved about Yooka-Laylee, even if the final game was a bit disappointing. What could have been…


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