Good Games Writing Editorial Board Blacklists Filip Miucin

With allegations swirling around Filip Miucin, Good Games Writing has observed the chain of events around Mr. Miucin since Boomstick Gaming released its video alleging plagiarism.

With Mr. Miucin’s employer finding impropriety during its internal investigation, Good Games Writing began considering its steps. In the spirit of never punching down, the Editorial Board took no action, believing Mr. Miucin would face sharp repudiation in the court of public opinion. Mr. Miucin’s now deleted response, in which he goads reporters and others to find other instances of his plagiarism, triggered action both by reporters and our Editorial Board.

Plagiarism is among the most egregious acts a writer can engage in: By stealing the ideas and words of others, a writer robs words of their essence as they have been written, has robbed the author of his/her voice, has robbed a publication of its trust with its audience, and has robbed its audience of the delight and challenge associated with engaging ideas unique to the author.

Such robbery was not enough for Mr. Miucin.

He seems to have delighted in his theft. In challenging others to find more evidence against him, he revealed his true lack of character, damaging the reputation of himself, his publication, and games media at large. Such damage will linger against the media space for some time. It will be the work of respectable reporters, critics, and advocates to rebuild that trust in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

Mr. Miucin stole ideas from forum users, YouTubers, established voices, and beyond. His plagairism is serial, it is deliberate, and it is damaging to the industry at large. Such abuse requires unflinching condemnation and the strongest possible response.

As such, the Good Games Writing Editorial Board has voted unanimously to blacklist Filip Miucin from its curated and original content, disqualifying him as an expert panelist for all events under the Good Games Writing banner, as well as barring his work entry into Good Games Writing’s annual games writing awards, The Goodies, effective immediately and for an indefinite period.

This post is the unified voice of the Good Games Writing Editorial Board comprised of Evan McIntosh, Jaeger Basger, Hylke Langhout, Lucas Guiamaraes, and Larissa Jones.

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