Glixel: How Nintendo Won 2016 Without Even Trying

Writing for Glixel, Keith Stuart argues that Nintendo’s appeal in 2016 was its (heavy) use of nostalgia and building connections.

Nintendo has switched the conversation from the future (VR, teraflop processing engines, 4K output) to the past, and more importantly to its own past. Ahead of the crucial holiday season, it wasn’t Xbox One or PS4 on Jimmy Fallon, it was Nintendo, it was Mario and it was Switch.

It’s an interesting read on a company that arguably ticked off as many fans as it appealed to; with flops like Miitomo, the supply issues of the Mini NES, and other issues, it’s nice to see a positive take on it, even if it is perhaps a bit too cheery.

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  1. Maybe, but I disagree with two of the main points cited by the article.

    It points to the 3DS and pokemon sales numbers as a good omen. And I’m not going to argue against sales made and money in the bank. But is it the best long term strategy to sell a boatload of systems that are about to be supplanted by the switch? How many of those people who got a 3DS after pokemon go and going to buy another handheld 6-12 months later? I don’t see that as a safe assumption at all.

    My other question is whether “Nintendo is cool again” is actually true, or at least true in the way it once was. Back in the days of the NES and SNES, nintendo represented a wide array of platform dominance. On the NES/SNES you could largely get most of what gaming as a medium had to offer, or at least a taste of a grand majority of it. Nintendo was gaming. Nintendo these days is just a collection of brands they have let over, Nintendo isn’t cool again, Zelda Mario and Pokemon are cool again. If Nintendo could build new brands this wouldn’t be a problem. But having 3 of the biggest franchises doesn’t actually mean anything if that’s all they have, it’s just a ceiling on their potential.

    Third and by far most importantly, I’m just bullshitting to see if the comments work right. I don’t know if that stuff I rambled about is true or not…

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