Games Made For Girls

“ZEAL” is a label on Medium that has been showing a lot of promise as a source for interesting writing on unusual topics. I covered an article it promoted once before, and I’m talking about another one today.

The Nintendo DS was an utterly fascinating handheld that had an astoundingly large library that I believe has untapped potential for a lot of forgotten hidden gems that got lost in the shuffle. The subject of the article I’m talking about here is Princess Debut, a rhythm game with an undeniable femininity baked into its very design. Alex Roberts uses Princess Debut as a case study to make an excellent case for this not only being an aesthetic decision, but an entire design ethos. It’s something I had never really considered before, but this article provoked a lot of thought in me, which is the sign of quality writing.

Read: Princess Debut and The Essence of Feminine Game Design

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