Final Fantasy 4 Free Enterprise Randomizer Race Commentary

Thanks to Ryan Thompson (@BardicKnowledge) we caught wind of this Final Fantasy 4 stream and commentary.

None of us at GoodGamesWriting are particularly big FF experts, but this stream did a good job of spelling out the on screen action, keeping the commentary engaging, and not being homophobic, which is surprisingly rare.

What really engaged us about this stream is that it’s obviously part of a bigger enterprise: streamers take on a new randomly generated seed each week courtesy of a romhack, race through, verify their finishing time, and then start anew each week. The sense of community is ever apparent as commentators Netara and AlexaLeFay update us on off screen finishers and absolutely gush about their Discord.

Plus you never know what you may get out of the stream: We learned all kinds of new things, including the purpose of an Agility Anchor.

Tune in, weekly, or participate by clicking here.

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