Colin Campbell digs into the group trying to make Smash Bros events safer

The fractious, loosely defined Super Smash Bros. community faces many of the same challenges other eSports groups do, but unlike them, it does not have one over-arching league or authority as games such as Overwatch, Call of Duty, StarCraft II, Street Fighter, or even Pokemon do.

Colin Campbell (Polygon) is putting his reporting chops to good use, looking at the community oriented attempt to create a so-called “Harassment Task Force”. The task force has run into issues trying to convince wary event managers to sign on to the initiative, with some players threatening potential legal challenges should they be banned from events for harassment.

This feels like an important moment, even a watershed, for the Smash community, and it’s being treated seriously by one of the best reporters in gaming.

Read: Super Smash Bros. anti-harassment group faces resistance on Polygon

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