Building Dishonored’s World With Animals

Perhaps best described as a photo essay, Andreas Inderwildi examines Dishonored 2‘s use of animals. Whereas some series dot their landscapes with animals to try and make for a scene that’s more lifelike, Dishonored‘s world-building relies on an animal connection.

The Dishonored series presents one of the very few game worlds in which an animal presence isn’t ignored or added like an exotic spice, but instead intricately, inextricably interlaced with all the other layers. We’re still in a world dominated by human agents, human environments, human ambitions, but the Dishonored games do an admirable job of showing the myriad ways in which these human concerns intersect with a broader world that includes countless other kinds of creatures. In the world of Dishonored, animals are many things.

The essay examines class differences, the occult, and scientific intrigue as parts of this larger creation.

As someone who struggles with the sterility of Dishonored, barely able to play through a few hours of the game, this piece might have me dip my toes back into the rat infested waters.

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