Brands Are Not People

This might be, without exaggeration, one the most important things I’ve featured here. This Polygon opinion piece by Tim Colwill makes the case that Valve, in the guise of its public persona as a happy-go-lucky video game company that you could almost be friends with, has actually been doing some immensely shady and downright reprehensible things. I’ve been uncomfortable about brands and companies trying to seem “approachable” and “fun” for a while now, and Valve is the latest one to add to that list. I’ve heard about terrible things they’ve done in the past, but having it all laid out in one go is a pretty harsh truth. Corporations aren’t people. They don’t care about you. They care about their bottom line, and nothing else. Valve is not your friend, and the fact that they’ve almost monopolized digital distribution of PC is downright frightening.

Read: Valve Is Not Your Friend

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