April 1st is International Waluigi Day

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April 1st is a day of mischief and pranks for many; naturally, Waluigi looooooooves every aspect of this. It’s fitting the day is in honour of his notoriety. Sure, it’s no MAR10, but no month starts with WAL and uigi doesn’t translate well into numbers.

Writing for The Outline, Jacob Khepler explains the significance of all things Mario, Wario, and Waluigi:

“As Luigi is the brother and supporter, Waluigi is the twisted enabler, the self-pitying perverter. He is agile — villainously good at tennis and dancing. He is a boastful cheater whose cheats frequently resolve to a disadvantage. While he’s a villain in some games, he’s a playable character in others.”

Ok then.

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