Far Cry 5’s satire falls flat

Can a game be both vacuous and enjoyable?

Adam Condra grapples with this in his critique of Far Cry 5: On one hand, Ubisoft makes great open worlds, and in this one, you can light a bear on fire and have it become a fiery murder bear. Neat. On the other hand, Condra argues, the faux Christian themes are, at best, lazy and disconcerting, while at their worst they lack the gumption, drive, and authenticity to mean anything.

Oh well, at least there’s a scene where a guy tries to drown someone while baptizing them. Can’t forget that morsel of authenticity.

Condra lashes out at Far Cry 5 with conviction: a nightmarish fever dream, dumb, lacking basic cultural accuracy, are just a handful of the descriptors Condra uses while spelling out the narrative he thought he was in for.

It sounds much better.

Read it here.

Disclaimer: Adam Condra is the former Editorial Director of GoodGamesWriting.

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